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How to be Beautiful


Do you want to be beautiful? Then do beautiful things…

Choose to show patience to the driver that cut you off. Reply gently to a harsh or rude comment. Be understanding when a reverse mortgage applicant blows up at you over something out of your control. Each of us has the choice of showing beauty or ugliness.


Regardless of our outer appearance each of us can shine with beauty. The beauty of being comfortable in our own skin accepting both our weaknesses and strengths. The beauty of being strict with ourselves but tolerant of others. The beauty of putting aside our own wants and wishes to meet the needs of our spouse, loved ones, or friends at a moment’s notice.


Becoming beautiful takes practice. Not practicing how to put on makeup or building the ideal body, but practiced habits that improve our soul, our relationships, our work ethic, and our success.


Now will there be times you lose your cool, speak harshly with another, or act rudely to someone in person or online? Certainly. These are the times we can practice the beauty of being our own best friend giving ourselves both understanding and forgiveness while holding ourselves accountable.


Do you want to be beautiful? Epictetus said, “If your choices are beautiful, so too will you be”.



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  1. Practice giving smiles when you are on the phone, it brings out a better you. Best. Ed

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