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Take your best shot


We need only concern ourselves with the quality of our actions

One of the timeless metaphors in philosophy is that of the archer. In many ways, we are archers in our chosen profession. We prepare, carefully aim and take our best shot. The trick is despite all your preparations you have no control once you’ve released the arrow. The ultimate result is literally out of your hands. Enter the Stoic Archer.

The Stoic Archer embodies the fusion of mental discipline, ethical principles, and practical skill, serving as a powerful reminder of how mastering oneself can lead to precision and success in all aspects of life. With practice, we learn how to set our desire on the work instead of the reward.

The process of aiming, drawing, and releasing any project parallels the Stoic philosophy’s approach to making choices and taking action. Each step requires mindfulness and intentionality. The archer doesn’t rush or hesitate; similarly, we should weigh decisions thoughtfully and act with purpose, guided by reason rather than fleeting emotions or regret. This focus on deliberate action increases the likelihood of hitting the metaphorical bullseye.

Just as an archer must adjust for factors like wind and distance, we should recognize that originating reverse mortgages is replete with obstacles beyond our control. Factors such as the ultimate appraised value of the home or misleading advice from the homeowner’s family or friends.

Just as an archer must learn from missed shots, our setbacks are opportunities for growth and self-improvement. This is where we can better prepare for our next shot.

A practical example ‘in reverse’

For example, let’s say your first public reverse mortgage workshop (seminar) had poor attendance. Should you throw in the towel on attempting future events? No. Instead, reexamine how you prepared the last time. Did you send out a press release to local media? What medium did you use to promote the event? Should you promote the workshop in another way? Did you partner with another professional to help drive attendance? Were those who registered reminded the day before of their confirmation?

In a profession that’s often marked with chaos and uncertainty, the archer serves as a symbol of inner strength, preparation, and resilience. So go ahead- prepare well, take your best shot, and let go of the outcome.

-Shannon Hicks


In many ways we are archers in our profession. How we can prepare, aim, and take our best shot, and let go of the result.


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