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Don’t Play the Blame Game


The Blame Game

In the fast-paced and competitive world of business, success is the typical goal for any entrepreneur or reverse mortgage professional. However, achieving success is often a challenging journey fraught with obstacles and setbacks. One of the most damaging hindrances to our success is the infamous “blame game.” This destructive behavior not only creates a toxic work environment but also sabotages our growth and progress.

Here are three reasons we don’t want to play the blame game.

#1- It distracts us from problem-solving. When we are preoccupied with pointing fingers at forces or people outside our control valuable time and resources are wasted, leaving the underlying issues unresolved.

#2- It undermines team morale. Blame is fertile soil for resentment and attrition in work culture. It undermines trust and collaboration.

#3- It makes us hesitant to make decisions fearing that any misstep could lead to severe consequences. This leaves us frozen and less responsive to market changes and demands.

What or who are we blaming today? Is it the real estate market? The Federal Reserve? The media? Which of these do we have control over? None! The best place to practice responsibility and accountability is ourselves. Eliminating the blame game frees us from feeling like hapless victim to feeling empowered to act and take the initiative.





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