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The Culture You Create


How to create your own ‘culture’ anywhere

Wittingly or unwittingly you are creating a culture everywhere you go. At the office, at home, in a business meeting, or at a conference. The culture created by a company or an individual influences one’s beliefs, attitudes, and well-being. Today we will delve into how you can create your own culture or help improve the one within the organization in which you work.

Workers often rate a company’s culture as one of the most important attributes. This is not surprising since a positive company culture helps workers feel good about going to the office and interacting with their fellow colleagues.

What kind of culture do you want to create? That’s a good place to begin as you are certainly part of the equation, whether personally or professionally.

Here are a few tips to help become a culture creator!

  1. The ‘we’ factor. A ‘we’re in this together’ attitude fosters collaboration, open communication, and harmony among coworkers and family members.
  2. Clarity of communication. Who’s supposed to do what? Are the expectations not only clear but understood? Do all parties feel safe in giving honest feedback?
  3. Learning how to work through conflict. In a speech before our local Chamber of Commerce the founder of Center and certified coach Dr. Stephen Campbell said when facing conflict we should begin by assuming the good intention of the other party. Once we’ve done that we can move on to owning our own part and working collectively toward a solution.
  4. Define your values. What are the principles you hold dear? How do you reflect these in your personal and professional interactions? Your values are the cardinal points on your compass that will help guide your decisions.
  5. Self-care. If you don’t take care of your own body, mind, and soul it’s nearly impossible to be a positive force in any organization’s culture. Set boundaries, take breaks, and make time to unwind with an activity that rejuvenates you.

Creating your own culture, whether in the workplace or personal life, empowers you to shape your experiences, values, and relationships. What culture will you create?




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