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Why my father got a reverse mortgage


RMLO George Broustis recounts what led his father to get a reverse mortgage




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  1. Shannon, that was an excellent interview with George about how the Reverse Mortgage helped his parents

    Keep up the great work.

  2. We need more comments and sharing stories help us, plus others in our industry.
    Dennis Keithly

  3. These kinds of stories are so poignant and underscore why we do what we do. Before I got into this business, my wife and I cared for her aging uncle. He desperately could have used a reverse mortgage. At that time, unfortunately, like so many, we knew nothing about the product and had only a negative perspective about them. I came out of corporate finance and was a former cpa and I really wish I had understood reverse mortgages at that time.. It would have changed his life. Dramatically.

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