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Survey shows home equity loan intent


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Accurate Group releases survey showing how homeowners plan to leverage their home equity

[Business Wire] Accurate Group surveyed over 1,000 consumers across the nation in the first quarter of 2023 to capture their intentions on how they plan to leverage or tap into their home equity.

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  1. So what are we doing WRONG???

    The survey reports that 7% of homeowners plan to take out reverse mortgages. So why are the highest estimates of reverse mortgage market penetration just 2%?? Does this mean that our education and marketing efforts are resulting in over 70% of those who say they would otherwise get a reverse mortgage not getting one?? Don’t allow your bias to make excuses or deny the results of the survey on its face. Rather there needs to be analysis performed to determine what the situation actually is.

    If we automatically defend what we do, how are to learn from it unless we are doing everything perfectly well to begin with? Let not live in denial but send out analysts to determine what is actually going on.

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