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This is the contagion to avoid


Experts fear a banking contagion but there’s another contagion we should watch for

Fear is rampant in the financial markets in the wake of the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. The media and financial pundits are touting the possibility of a global banking contagion. What is banking contagion? Think of it as a domino where the failure of one or a couple of banks spreads to other banks that may or may not have similar vulnerabilities. What all financial or bank contagions have in common is fear.

Since we’re not going to solve the present banking crisis let’s address the issue of the contagion of fear that’s not only in our financial markets but widespread through all facets of life.

Early philosophers argue that fearing what we cannot control is irrational. In this state, we are robbed of our well-being and feel a sense of helplessness or even victimization. Fear also robs us of our ability to think clearly and critically.

The happy middle ground is not to fear that which we cannot control nor fear those things that we have influence over as we work to effect change. Some fear is quite useful such as in avoiding a dangerous situation and such a response is hard-wired into our physical being.

Seneca wrote, “Wild animals run from the dangers they actually see, and once they have escaped they worry no more. We however are tormented alike by what is past and what is to come.”

Where fear becomes destructive is when it becomes pervasive- what I like to call a dark cloud. Under that cloud the sun doesn’t shine, the temperature is chilly, and the grey pale is cast over the world around us.

When you feel the contagion of fear gripping you try the face-it, erase-it, replace-it method. First, admit that you’re feeling fearful. Identifying the enemy is step one. Second, erase fear with intentional gratitude directing our mind toward our blessings. Practicing gratitude generates your own sunshine Third, replace fear with living the good life engaging in positive endeavors and conversations with others and yourself.


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  1. 100% agree Shannon, I try not to worry about the things I have no control or influence over.

    • A wise choice- one that’s difficult at times. Thanks Phil.

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