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It’s time to lose the Reverse Mortgage Shame


How one encounter reveals the shame some reverse mortgage borrowers have about getting the loan: An exclusive interview with Alissa Prieto

Shame, shame, shame! That’s unfortunately what some reverse mortgage borrowers feel after they’ve taken the loan. In some cases even several times having refinanced a previous reverse mortgage. While reverse mortgage borrowers are not paraded through jeering crowds many still attach a stigma of failure or embarrassment for having taken the loan. Why is that? To explore that question Alissa Prieto from Longbridge Financial in this week’s exclusive interview.


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  1. Thank you, Alissa. This is spot on! Such a great message to share with everyone!

  2. Alissa did as great a job of making her case in the video, as she did about a month ago at the Zoom Tuesday morning round table meeting.

    Shannon, thanks for getting involved. I remember when you made similar presentations over a decade ago. BUT I believe that the present shame has changed little from what it used to be.

  3. Great insight Alissa. Shannon thanks for having this topic covered. We as reverse mortgage professionals need to continue this kind of conversation with clients and referral partners.

  4. I would love to hear this from a borrower. I, myself, am a borrower and tell folks all the time. But this is not the same as a neighbor, colleagues or friend. I am asking to record videos at closings and hopefully will create a collage of those eventually to play.

  5. Thank you for these comments, Alissa. I have said for years that it’s up to us as an industry to change the messaging. WE can create this change and help others to understand the many options for the use of home equity in retirement.

  6. Thank you for these comments. Alissa. I have said for years that it’s up to us (if you listen to my training classes, you know this) to change the way this loan is perceived. WE have the opportunity and the responsibility to do so.

  7. This was a wonderful listen, Thank you Alissa.

  8. Great interview. Rock-on, Alissa. I fully intend to brag about my reverse… in 8 years.

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