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Seniors say Social Security raise doesn’t keep pace with inflation


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Over half of seniors say Social Security raise doesn’t keep pace with inflation

A new survey found over half of seniors don’t believe the recent 8.7% Social Security cost of living adjustment keeps up with rising prices.

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  1. As the stats for December 2022 were being presented, one very important stat was glossed over and that is that the total HECM Case Number Assignments of 2,690 for the month of December 2022 is the worst such total since January 2003 — 20 years ago.

    Further the case number assignment total for Traditional HECMs of 2,282 is not just the worst such total in the last three years, there has NEVER been a lower such total since HUD first began providing this breakdown for case number assignments starting for January 2012, over a decade ago.

    To leave HECM originators in the dark on exactly how bad this fiscal year actually is turning out to be, is like the fear parents have in telling their children that there is no Santa. HECM originators are NOT children desiring fairy tales, neither are we those looking for pessimistic outlooks. What we would like is the unvarnished truth especially when HUD provides us with HECM statistics going back decades.

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