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Alternatives to Social Security for retirement cash flow


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Alternatives to Social Security that provide income in retirement

There are several ways to generate income or cash flow in retirement; some are completely overlooked…

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  1. Social Security Retirement Benefits are NOT simply income. It never has been nor will it ever be under its current structure. Distribution are composed of three elements:

    1) post income tax dollars contributed by the individual earning the relate compensation,

    a) for an employee the employer’s (but generally employers’) contributions and/or
    b) if self employed, the income tax deductible portion of the Self Employment Tax, and

    3) earnings on all funds collected for the compensation earner.

    Thus it can be seen that one portion [i.e., (1) above] is a return of invested capital and the other income [composed of the addition of (2) and (3) above].

    On the other hand, your paycheck is generally pure income.

    Most of us seniors are not so financially naïve that we believe a lowered housing costs are income. The lowered amounts simply means we can keep those cost savings in our checking and other cash accounts.

    Financial writers always look silly trying to “dumby” down cash inflow and outflow into one word, income. AOL has some of the worst financial writers in the financial publishing community.

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