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Advertisement, a HighTechLending company debuts new campaign commercials.




HighTechLending DBA is excited to announce the release of the first television commercials featuring Don Currie, President of HighTechLending, as the company spokesperson.  The commercial features actual clients telling their stories of their personal financial situations and how a Reverse Mortgage positively impacted their lives.  The spots, which will be running across national networks this month, will focus on telling the story of AmericanSenior clients while educating viewers on the personal touch and other features that set AmericanSenior apart from the competition. “AmericanSenior treats its customers like family” states one of the testimonials.


The upcoming commercial series will continue to reinforce the benefits and features of reverse mortgages, as well as giving every client financial peace of mind in their retirement years. The commercials are running across cable and national networks including CNN, LIF, and FBN.

“The focus is always life-changing financial solutions that exceed your retirement goals. You’ll love our attentive support at every step in the process– quickly addressing your concerns and working at your pace. Our clients are always telling us we make them feel at ease with their financial decisions and the overall loan experience and it doesn’t stop there. We’re committed to your long-term stability, even after your loan has closed. We’re always here to give you sound, objective mortgage advice. ,” Don Currie, President of HighTechLending DBA, a HighTechLending, Inc. company purpose is to provide mature Americans over the age of 62 the opportunity to convert a portion of the equity in their home to tax-free cash, called a “reverse mortgage”, while also providing optional monthly mortgage payments.  The senior must continue to make property tax and insurance payments or risk foreclosure.  The program has been particularly helpful to those who have seen their retirement investments shrink as a result of the economy, are at risk of losing their homes due to an inability to make monthly payments or are looking to defer taking Social Security benefits early in their retirement.Taking out a reverse mortgage plan is one of the major decisions a customer can make and at we believe that they should have the best possible choice and working with HUD-Approved counseling services which is vital in determining the flexibility to access further funds.

To learn more about AmericanSenior and the television commercials, please visit

 About AmericanSenior

AmericanSenior is the retail provider of reverse mortgage products allowing homeowners aged 62 and older to convert some of their home equity into tax-free cash without having to sell their home. AmericanSenior is a HighTechLending company and operates in most states across the U.S.  HighTechLending DBA AmericanSenior also offers the conventional 30-year fixed mortgage if that is the best option for the senior.


About HighTechLending, Inc.

Founded by President Don Currie and SVP Erika Macias, our winning strategy consists of a carefully crafted blend of excellent price, niche product offerings, and exceptional customer service. This concept combines the winning combination: paperless loan process with automated underwriting.

Don Currie has over 40 years of experience in the mortgage banking and real estate industry. He opened HighTechLending in June of 2006 as a mortgage bank specializing in high technology paperless loan processes. HighTechLending offers Fannie Mae (30-year conventional fixed mortgage), FHA, and Reverse Mortgages. Mrs. Erika Macias-White has over 25 years in the mortgage banking industry. She was the Senior Vice President of Wholesale Operating for IMPAC and helped launch the opening of HighTechLending in 2006. She currently oversees all production operations and is a strong bridge between the sales directives and the operational goals.

HighTechLending, Inc. is a mortgage bank focused on providing Brokers with price, product, and exceptional customer service. For more information and to obtain an instant rate quote, please visit



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