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You Don’t Have to Trash Thanksgiving

don't trash thanksgiving

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Chances are your Thanksgiving this week will look unlike any other. You’re not alone. As COVID-19 once again spreads across our nation families are grappling with the question, “should we cancel Thanksgiving?”. The good news is there are several ways you can honor the centuries-old holiday without forgoing all traditional festivities.

Here are some practical tips for a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday from your friends at HECMWorld and Reverse Focus.

  1. If your bird is still in the freezer, pull it out now! The general rule is 24 hours are required for every four pounds. A 12-pound bird is going to be a little frozen in the middle if you haven’t already placed it in your refrigerator. Alas, not all hope is lost. You can employ the same trick your mother may have using cold water. Instead allow 4 hours for every pound to thaw the bird in cold water, replacing the cold water every 30 minutes. Better set that stopwatch on your phone.
  2. These are not unprecedented times, but they certainly are for us. Over 100 years ago the Thanksgiving holiday was unlike any before it. In 1918 the nation was in the grip of the second wave of the Spanish Flu which killed over 195,000 Americans in the month of October alone. Consequently, millions of families found themselves not only separated to avoid the spread of the contagion but grieving the loss of a family member. Case numbers surged in the week’s following massive crowds celebrating the end of World War One, now known as Armistice Day. Another surge came around the Christmas holiday following Thanksgiving Day festivities.
  3. Protecting the vulnerable doesn’t mean you have to lose touch. Sadly this Thanksgiving will not be celebrated with family members of all ages who would typically gather together under one roof. Unlike 1918 technology will help millions stay connected virtually via video chats and teleconferencing.  Talk with your older family members today and make plans on how you can connect this Thursday. You can even email them instructions on how to use Zoom to help eliminate any confusion or frustration in using the software for the first time.
  4. Give the gift of Thanksgiving dinner. One practical way to spread the holiday cheer is to purchase a Thanksgiving meal for your family or loved ones. For most, it’s the preparation of our beloved side dishes that are most labor-intensive and these may be the perfect gift!. Contact the local restaurants, delis, or grocers in their area and see what options are available for either delivery or contactless pick-up.

A century later many face the disappointment of separation from loved ones and the anxiety that comes with a novel viral epidemic. The good news is we have resources that our great grandparents never dreamed possible a hundred years ago;  these will help us weather what is certain to be an unusual but manageable holiday season.

You see, there’s no reason to trash Thanksgiving after all.

From our team at HECMWorld & Reverse Focus we wish each and every one of you a safe and happy holiday.


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