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From the Front Lines: Melinda Hipp

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Melinda Hipp shares here experiences from the field

Welcome to our first periodic segment where we share what HECM professionals in the field are seeing when it comes to attracting and qualifying potential reverse mortgage borrowers...



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  1. Very nice conversation and I would trust her with my reverse, but I already have one.
    The only problem with appraisals here in CA is the disaster zones, and you know much toooooo much about that.
    I completely agree with her about the financial advisors and realtors. My first 20 years of being a mortgage person was ONLY with realtors. I would love the financial people to be more active, but until we stop advertising this as a “poor people’s program” we will have trouble with that side of the world.
    I would like to nominate Martin Andelman for an interview. I know no one better at selling reverse. He was the guy who did the “emplodo meter” started at the meltdown is is famous in the banking and lending industries. He is now 100% devoted to reverse. Please read his articles on his revese blog. I will supply more contact information after I get the go-ahead from both of you.

  2. I really love this concept, Shannon. Many of us work out of our homes or are alone in an office so we tend to be quite isolated from the rest of the reverse world. This is a great way to spread our experiences, although over a beer in a bar is quite nice, too. Interesting to rear from Linda and her area of the country and what works for her.

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