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Why you should video conference potential borrowers


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video-callingEmail & phone calls have their limitations

I was reminded last week when conducting a Skype video call how emails and even phone calls can fail to create a personal connection. Have you ever considered making a video call with your prospective borrowers or those going through the applicaiton process?

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  1. I actually did a Skype call to an out-of-town client through their financial planner’s office. It was a fabulous experience and I believe it increased the comfort level for the borrowers. It was interesting as I noticed the facial expressions of the wife; she was indicating that she had questions or concerns. I noticed that and told her that it looked like she had questions. She immediately opened up and I satisfied her inquiries. On a phone call, that would not have happened. She would have remained silent. If an LO cannot meet in person, this is an excellent tool to gaining the comfort and trust of a potential client and I can see it as a great follow-up tool.

  2. Shannon,

    What a great idea. Like George, I read faces plus speech much, much better than speech alone. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I absolutely agree. Only issue is….we are usually dealing with older very tech phobic clients. My last 5 deals. Most did not have a cell phone and 3 of them did not use a computer. I agree, Video is great, although, I feel it is much stronger in the Traditional lending realm. Older folks do want to see you…but there is no substitute for Face to Face meetings. I will drive and see them, even if it’s over an hour away. We are the Educators and advocates for our industry, people appreciate the effort put in to make the trip, builds a sense of commitment. I have a 100% close rate in person…..I think video (A Great idea)is not the best use of time with the over 75 crowd….Now communicating with realtors that are working with borrowers using the HECM for Purchase. Great way…they are Tech savvy. Maybe a follow up update call when the borrowers are at the office…that would be great.

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