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Compliance: CFPB Levies Penalties on HECM Lenders


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Recent CFPB actions highlight the importance of compliant advertising and sales practices

reverse mortgage newsSince the founding of the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) in 2011, lenders have found themselves navigating the ever-changing waters of regulatory compliance. Reverse mortgage lenders  have recently felt the impact of the agency with three lenders paying substantial penalties levied. Today more than ever before, compliance is not a merely a burden, it is imperative for the well being of lenders and our industry as a whole. Breaking the Bad News: It’s not the kind of news one wants to break during a corporate earnings call. Walter Investment Corporation revealed two subpoenas related to their former origination unit: Reverse Mortgage Solutions. The subpoenas focused on the former HECM lender’s origination, underwriting and appraisal practices. Even more troubling was the announcement that… Download the video transcript here.


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