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How music can improve your productivity & work day

1Perhaps one of the crowning achievements of civilization is music. It impacts our emotional state of mind, energy and focus within seconds. “People’s minds tend to wander, “and we know that a wandering mind is unhappy,” Dr. Soodsaid. “Most of that time, we are focusing on the imperfections of life. Music can bring us back to the present moment” said Dr. Amit Sood, who practices integrative medicine at the Mayo Clinic. Do you need some melodic relief?

Here are a few insights on listening to music at work.

1. Keep in mind that while your mood may be improved others nearby may not share your joy. Be mindful of your work environment.

2. If you are working on tasks that require intense concentration, try to avoid songs with lyrics. Listening to songs you may be unfamiliar with that have lyrics requires your brain’s language centers to process the lyrics while you are writing, much like trying to talk while another person is blabbering in your ear.

3. Create playlists based on your context or setting.

Download the video transcript here.


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