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Why Our Results & Intentions Always Match

reverse mortgage news“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. This popular aphorism underscores the importance of putting action behind our plans and internal promises. During a professional coaching class I attended several months ago one instructor took it a step further stating, “results and intentions always match”.

In Brian Klemmer’s book, “When Good Intentions Run Smack into Reality” he outlines several steps to the path to better results. Here are just a few that we should consider.

1. Identify the result. It’s the familiar ‘work backward’ from the goal approach. Envision exactly what you want, desire and dream of. Is it more loans? A better marriage? Improved health and energy? Be specific.

2. Set the context. The context or environment in which you work toward your result influences everything. Identify the ideal context in which your goals would be achieved. Don’t stop at declaring your context but create it. This could be changing your…

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  1. Can we apply this principal to the falling endorsement numbers we are seeing on an industry wide basis?

    Back in late 2010, we had shouting that we could achieve 100,000 endorsements in fiscal 2011. What kind of failure are we in? At the end of last fiscal year we could not even reach 49,000 endorsements.

    Right now, the start of this fiscal year is the worst since 2004. November 2016 endorsements were the worst for any November since November 2004 as October 2016 endorsements were the worst for any October since October 2004. Yet the total case number assignments for the related two months of June and July 2016 are the highest for the start of any fiscal year since fiscal year 2014. Individually that is true for July 2016 endorsements but as to June 2016 endorsements, June endorsements have not been as high since June 2013.

    Accountability is critical especially at times like these. Why is our endorsement count so low and who or what is responsible for it.

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