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Are You a Hermit?



From a hermit to a social butterfly

Even without the advent of a new year, are entering a new era of reverse mortgage lending. More financial professionals are embracing the product, a new administration will be taking office that seeks to curb the powers of the CFPB, and interest rates are certain to begin to increase. As with any new era we are faced with both opportunity and challenges. The question is, what are you going to do about it?reverse mortgage news

Wise mortgage professionals have mastered the art of letting go of what they cannot control, and instead, work on what they can influence. Generally speaking, you can quickly determine who the successful HECM originators are by their activity. Honestly, some need to let go of their hermit ways, and go out into their city and community and mix it up. If you’re not visible, you’re not thought of. Sound harsh? It’s true. Call it selfishness, or call it reality but we are all busy living our own lives so we rarely think about those we don’t see on a regular basis unless it’s our dear mother.

Sitting at the office, sending countless emails and waiting for the phone to ring will not grow your business in 2017. In fact, your business will shrink as modest interest rate increases make prospects with high mortgage debt ineligible. You’ve got to get out. More specifically, you must get out and mix it up. Consider for a moment the…

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  1. Truer words never spoken! For all of us working from home offices it is a particular challenge to get out and mix it up. We all know that loans happen when we engage with others yet it is so hard to acquire that discipline to get out of the house. Thank you, Shannon, for the reminding us to commit to consistent time out in our communities. By increasing our visibility 2017 can be successful for us personally as well as for the industry at large.

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