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Here’s why some qualified prospects are saying ‘no’

When you meet with a prospective reverse mortgage borrower what do you want? Facts, figures, account balances? Or in addition to the necessary information you must gather, do you want something more revealing?reverse mortgage news

The truth is even if you find a qualified, or even ideal reverse mortgage candidate who looks great on paper they may choose to put off getting a reverse mortgage. Why would an ideal candidate do such a thing? I’m certain most of you have found yourself asking that question when leaving an appointment. If qualified and possibly motivated borrowers are saying no it could be because you’re not asking the right questions.

With the increasing requirements to gather additional financial information as evidenced in the Financial Assessment we can find ourselves missing the opportunity to ask open-ended questions that uncover motive, state of mind, values and more. Here are just a few potential questions we can add to our sales toolset today.

  • What’s going on in your financial life today?
  • Have things changed?
  • You mentioned that you want to…

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