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A Tribute to Monte Rose

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Industry Veteran Monte Rose’s Passing

IMG_4317-e1398706848382It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Monte Rose. Monte is a well-known industry veteran who touched the lives of many both in and outside our industry. He passed away unexpectedly in bed Wednesday, September 21st.

Monte was one of the founding reverse mortgage professionals in our industry. He worked as a loan officer under Financial Freedom founder Jim Mahoney. His talents did not stop at origination as Monte published a popular book called “Go Sell, Go Serve” which passed on his decades of experience of selling at the kitchen table.

Monte passed on his immeasurable experience and ethical approach for several years with his personal coaching company.


I was privileged to spend time with Monte when Reverse Focus was just a fledgling start-up company. His sage advice, wisdom and mentoring were invaluable but more valuable was his friendship.

Monte is survived by his wife Debbie and several family members. Please consider contributing to Debbie and her family during this most challenging time. You can contribute here.

Please comment with your memories, stories, and condolences which we will gather and pass onto his family below.


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  1. I’m saddened to hear this and think back fondly to the first time I met Monte. He was an encouraging voice when I wanted to take my career out of the call center realm and into the “kitchen table” realm, gracious with his time that day he was !

    I still to this day review chapters in his book from time to time as a refresher, a beloved gem in our industry, Monte Rose will be missed.

  2. Always sad to hear of anyone passing that had such an impact on our program. I only met him once but had several conversations over the years. Monty was always kind and full of information on anything I asked.

    My thought and prayers are with his family.

    JoAnna Bignell

  3. Thanks for sharing this sad news, Shannon. I remember listening to many of Monte’s training sessions and had a great respect for him and his knowledge of the industry. I’m sorry to hear of his passing. His family and friends are in my prayers.

  4. God bless his soul. My condolences to his family through this tough time.

  5. I never got to meet Monte. But his book “Go Sell, Go Serve” is amazing. I have read it twice and am on my third go around. I had just emailed him last week to see if he had any other training material for sale. A huge loss for our industry.

    Condolences and prayers for his family.

  6. Monte was my manager at Metlife Reverse. Already a legend in our business by that time he was to me a great mentor, teacher, motivator. He believed in me and let me know it. So long Monte, see you on the other side.

  7. Monte blessed so many with his wisdom and always had a smile for all. I will never forget your words: just grab your shorts and keep swimming! Rest In Peace and I will see you in eternity.

  8. I was lucky enough to have shared the stage with Monte a couple of times. He was so magnetic, sincere, and just plain likable. Not only was he generous with his knowledge, he was generous to his borrowers, they always came first before anything. He was an inspiration and will be missed.

  9. Monte was a legend, I knew him at Financial Freedom, he was a wise man and a pioneer in our industry.

    My prayers go out to his family and may his soul rest in peace.

    As Sharon Falvey said, “Rest in peace and I will see you in eternity”!!!!!!!

    John S.

  10. Monte was bigger than life in his career as a RM specialist, not only was he a great sales person he loved teaching others the ins and outs of how to market.
    When I first met Monte we spoke about the evolution of the RM from the days when I was a consultant with Provident, which was acquired by Trans America and later became Financial Freedom, the company we both had a working relationship with. Being an Pro myself I admired Monte’s ability to teach an old dog new tricks.Clearly he will missed ,however, his legacy will live on.

  11. Shocked, I am. Monte was the best. I just had a conversation about Monte with a peer just a few days ago. I had plans on calling him just to say Hi. I wish I had. Roses to Monte!

  12. We lost an industry veteran that has touched most of us one way or another. Miss his infectious ways and his “cool as ice” demeanor. My first manager and will always be remembered.

  13. Mr. Rose not only cared about the seniors he worked with but also the originators. He worked closely with those he was training and provided us with the most practical tools he could.

    While Mr. Roger Reynolds influenced my early days in the industry, it was Mr. Rose who provided a practical and regimented approach to my vision of marketing.

    Mr. Rose and his positive influence in the industry will be missed.

  14. A generous person, upbeat and always ready to share his insights to help your production. His sincerity and character
    was a gift to all who had the pleasure of knowing Monte.

  15. I was shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of Monte. I had just finished a few months ago doing all new branding for his Housing Wealth Advisors. And got to know Monte as a friend over the last year and a half and he will be greatly missed. He spoke about his life and business with such passion I have yet to find someone as passionate about life as he was.

  16. I was fortunate to work alongside Monte in a leadership capacity and his knowledge was unsurpassed. His passion to help originators become better unmatched. And his humor priceless. Anybody remember when he pretended to be The World’s Most Interesting Man”?

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