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The Value of Small Talk



reverse mortgage newsWhen I reflect on my most successful and profitable sales I’ve closed there is one common denominator. Small talk. In our take-charge, Type-A personality world many have forgotten or even avoid small talk. The question is are we missing out?

Sales are built on more than need, they are built on relationships. Can you imagine living in a world without small talk? How would we size up someone we just met? How can we uncover a person’s dreams, goals…

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  1. Small talk is also part of being able to provide better customer service. People do business with those they like, trust and have product knowledge. After all, why would you do business with someone who turned you off?

    Part of the sales job itself is enjoying your customer interaction. In dealing with Reverse Mortgage customers, you can learn a whole lot of interesting things they relate about their own personal history plus you make some new friends along the way and may enlarge your referral base.

  2. Shannon, your message this morning was excellent.
    Small talk is a very important part of my sales approach, and I’ve been using it for many years.
    My prospects love my small talk, it makes me a human being and a friend, and not just someone who is trying to sell them a reverse mortgage.

  3. This video is so on point. For many years I have seen the most loyal, most profitable relationships were those where there was more than just a transaction going on.
    People in our industry always complain about being commoditized and not being appreciated for the extra value they bring to the table.
    And yet, ‘small talk’ is eschewed by many sales managers as a time waster or worse. It is hard to trust someone who has no interest in you as a person, and whom you have no feel for as something other than a name and quote. If you don’t care enough about your clients to get to know them – at least a little – why should they care about you? It works both ways.

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