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Lessons from In-N-Out Burger


If you live in the western states, chances are you’ve heard about In-N-Out Burger. For those in other regions perhaps they recall the honorable mention in the hit film The Big Lebowski. Regardless there are several lessons we can learn from In-N-Out? From a burger joint, you may say? Yes!

Although limited in its geographic footprint, In-N-Out Burger has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. How much so? Two weeks ago my friend from Queens, New York was visiting my wife and I for his yearly vacation. What’s the first question he always asks as we leave the airport? “When can we go to In-N-Out?”

I’m a firm believer that there are lessons to be gleaned from every industry that applies to us as reverse mortgage professionals. Here are just a few we can borrow from In-N-Out that won’t give you indigestion.


In-N-Out bucks the fast-food trend…

Download a transcript of this episode here.

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  1. Hey Shannon, great topic and I love me a Double, Double; Animal style!

    The HECM used to be very simple and straight forward, just like the In-n-Out menu. However, unlike the RM Industry, In-n-Out has total control over their business model and how they want to run their business.

    We are at the mercy and whims of HUD/FHA, all of their continuing changes have made the HECM more complicated, more confusing and much more challenging to explain in a simple and effective way. There are just too many “If/Then” factors now.

    And with even more additional regulations on the way, trying to get a “KIS” way to explain a HECM is going to become just about as hard as it is to order a taco at In-n-Out…

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