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7 Ways to Declare Your Independence

This coming Monday our nation will celebrate Independence Day, better known as July 4th, the historic day when the newly formed United States declared their autonomy from Great Britain. Beyond national independence and sovereignty, how can we become more independent individuals?independent2

Even as a spouse, employee or group member independence is not only desirable, it is an indispensable trait that each of us can develop, nurture and protect. Here are seven ideas for each of us to become more independent.

1. Act the Part. You may not always feel confident in a given situation, but that doesn’t mean you cannot act confidently. As I’ve often heard, ‘walk into the room like you belong there’. Confidence opens doors and often elicits respect from those you encounter.

2. Have a plan. If you don’t have a plan then you have forfeited your independence to be controlled by the whims of other’s desires, circumstances, and daily demands. If you don’t have a plan someone else has one for you, thus making you dependent.

3. Form good habits. Plans should lead to the development of …

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