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5 Ways to Adapt to Change


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5 Tips for Reverse Mortgage Professionals

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If there is one constant denominator in reverse mortgage lending it is change. We are not alone as technology, politics and business practices are ever evolving. What is challenging is not so much change itslef but the pace at which we mustadapt.

Here are five tips to help us adapt to change. Timely considering HUD’s recent announcement this week of additional consumer protections to be enacted in the near future.

1. Acceptance. The faster we get used to the notion that everything is in a state of flux the easier we will adapt to the continual evolution of our industry. Consider for a moment how much you have changed in the last 15 years or even childhood friends. Change, while often unwelcome, is a natural part of our personal and professional development.

2. Improvement. If you’re a fitness fanatic then you already know that if you keep doing the same exercise…

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  1. I am trying to get through reading the 220 page proposed changes. Then I will have a list of questions!

    So far many are good but some can be problems, time will tell?

    Change is part of our daily life’s, especially in the reverse mortgage space. Embrace it, understand the changes, ask questions and don’t feel shy about giving your input about a change. If the change is bad, we need to fight the change but like Shannon says, accept them!

    John A. Smaldone


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