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Four Ways to Simplify & Take Control of Your Life

reverse mortgage newsSpeaking from personal experience there comes a time in your life when you actually want less than more. Do you ever look around your office or home and wish you could rent a large dumpster and fill it?

If there’s one word that describes most American’s lives it’s clutter. A mishmash of paper, trinkets, emails, constant notifications, emails, and social media clutter our life and consciousness. It’s no wonder that many are more stressed each year suffering the physical consequences of the unrelenting strain. I believe that each of us have the power to create the environment we want to live in. Too often many of us give in to letting our stuff control us. How do we identify the ‘stuff’ that clutters our lives and simplify? Here are a few tips.

1- Analyze where you spend your time. Purchase a small notepad and log down how you spend your day. Log your time as soon as you wake and be sure to include mundane activities. When you wake how much time do you spend checking emails, social media or watching TV. Could that time be better spent?

2- Ditch the physical clutter. Look at the things you haven’t even touched or used in the last six months. Chances are they are…


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