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Allergic Reactions


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Challenging Denial? Proceed with Caution

reverse mortgage newsIt’s springtime here in the western U.S. where the sun shines, flowers and trees bloom and allergy season begins. In fact as I speak my car is covered with the yellow telltale powder of tree pollen. While physical allergies are easy to identify and treat, what about allergic reactions to truth?

Physical allergies are triggered when a person comes in contact with a substance that triggers a a reactions, most commonly a release of histamines that seek to protect your immune system. The problem for those who have allergies their bodies have confused harmless substances as potential threats creating a defensive response. Psychological allergies are quite another matter. Each of us have our hard-wired responses to perceived threats, unsettling information or personal conflict. Some our own responses  could be likened to an allergic reaction.

The same can be said with the prospective borrowers we meet. If we do not tread carefully when exposing the truth that more funds are needed to fund their retirement the feedback can be less than pleasant…

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