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8 Productivity Game Changers


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8 Ways to Unleash Your Personal Productivity

Beyond strategy, drive and opportunity is one factor that will build or destroy your success as a reverse mortgage professional. reverse mortgage news

Last week I read an article by Bruna Martinuzzi which captured the twelve productivity tips from extremely busy individuals. How do businesspeople who are at the top of their game manage their time? Bestselling author and speaker Brian Tracy says “personal productivity is a key differentiator between those who succeed in their chosen field and those who do not.” Here are 12 tips each of us should consider implementing or improving.

1. Single Purpose Focus. Pick one thing and just do that. Laser focus brings clarity, vision in our efforts to be the absolute best at what we do.

2. Block out distractions. Every distraction can cost you the ten to fifteen minutes it may take to get your mind back on the task at hand. Time block your calendar with your top priorities, lock the door when needed and turn off the email and phones periodically.

3. Create rituals. Before you leave the office determine what your top priority is for the following day. If you are time blocking it should be on your calendar. When you arrive the next morning accomplish that key task.

4. Early to rise. One of our most innovative and successful founding fathers Benjamin Franklin had it right when he said “early to bed and early…


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  1. Shannon,

    Great tips, if everyone followed your suggestions, a greater degree of success would surly be the outcome!

    I may have another one that I have always made a habit of doing, which added to my success over the years.

    I have always planned out my week on the weekend before Monday started. Day by day I planned where I was going to go, who I was going to call and what amount of production for the week I wanted to achieve.

    On that same weekly planner, I had a section to put my appointments I made and follow up calls I had to do for the following week. In short, my following planner in many cases had a great head start along with having things to put on my weekly planner two weeks down the road.

    I relied on this plan so much that eventually and to this day, I would not know how to function. The old saying, make your plans and work your plans!

    Thanks again Shannon for your presentation, you and your family make it a great weekend.

    John A. Smaldone

    • John. Thank you and thank you for your additional tips. They are great!

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