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How to be a Reverse Mortgage Celebrity


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Practical Tips to becoming your own celebrity spokesperson

You’ve seen them on television and read about them in our industry’s news wire, celebrity spokespersons. The question is how can you become your area’s local reverse mortgage celebrity?

celebrity-hatFew of us have the financial means to launch a national television campaign, take out a full page ad in a national publication or make a public splash in the national consciousness, however you can become the best known celebrity advocating reverse mortgage in your local area. How?

Here’s how to become your local reverse mortgage celebrity:

First and foremost branding. You can affix a magnet placard to the sides of your car, wrap your vehicle with reverse mortgage graphics or simply create a snazzy rear window screen graphic. Be sure to include a value proposition, your name and a call to action for others to call you. You may even consider creating your own jacket, collared shirt or vest advertising your services. Can you imagine the numerous spontaneous conversations that you could have while in line at the grocery store, bank or post office? Don’t miss the opportunity your public presence has to brand you as the go-to person for all things reverse.

Second: Make friends, especially in the media…


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  1. Shannon,

    Good tips, hopefully many watched your presentation and wrote your tips down. All of us need to be different.

    We are in an industry today that needs as many different and new approaches possible!

    Our industry is wide open for good qualified people to capitalize on.

    Good luck all,

    John A. Smaldone

  2. Good tips for ANY business.

  3. At one NRMLA convention a group of originators came in deep red shirts and blouses with yellow lettering saying “I do reverse mortgage” surrounded in flames; it almost looked hellish. I almost left the building in disgust. The convention was in a Hyatt Hotel and the outfits just were not suited to the environment.

    I have seen a car full painted up with reverse mortgage advertising in a tasteful and well done manner. Yet, it still left the taste of lacking a professional attitude toward one of the most complex and life altering financial products for most seniors.

    On the other hand becoming a professional celebrity through the media is another matter. That is something we should all aspire to.

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