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Meetings: The Death of Productivity


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Getting Control of Meetings

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Have you ever done this in a meeting?

Meetings. If you work in a large company or have you can empathize with the statement that meetings are the bane of productivity. Meetings do not have to be a productivity killer with some simple, intentional pre-planning.

Meetings are necessary when working with a team of other professionals. They serve to shape strategy, improve efficiencies and address challenges. Ironically meetings can become time-wasters in their own rite.

20 years ago I was a marketing manager for a large nonprofit. Each Monday we would have a management meeting and every time I left feeling frustrated that I just wasted another 2 hours of my day that would inevitably push me into the late evening hours. That experience taught me several valuable lessons. Here are a few tips to get the most from your meetings or ideas to respectfully suggest.

1. Create an Agenda. Seems basic but many meetings lack a clear and defined roadmap or agenda and consequently end up in the weeds of the irrelevant. Laser focus is required for efficient meetings. The agenda should be specific enough so all participants now what is to be discussed. If someone gets off topic add it to a list of ‘parking lot’ topics which can be addressed in the future.

2. After Action Reports. One of the greatest tools for meetings is the…

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