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Old School Marketing Makes a Comeback


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Broker shops revisit traditional marketing approaches

reverse mortgage marketingWhile the phrase ‘old school’ has been popularized in recent years by hipsters it has been with us for quite some time. Webster recorded its first use in 1803. The meaning is rooted in one returning to core principles, conservative or established beliefs and principles. A recent article reveals that many smaller reverse mortgage broker shops and lenders are returning to old school marketing methodologies..

Our industry has come a long way since its early days of marketing with television ads and call centers becoming the new defacto standard. However for smaller originating entities with smaller budgets traditional marketing not only is appealing but effective. In the early 2000’s direct mail was the rage but as with any overused medium it’s efficacy quickly diminished. This is a prime example that marketing if often cyclical as direct mail effectiveness has increased in recent years…

Download a transcript of this episode here.

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  1. Great post/video! When possible, the layered approach is key. Significant help can be achieved through tools that give you greater knowledge of your market, increasing efficiency of your campaigns, and your return on investment. One such tool is RMI’s Retail Dashboard, which compliments these campaigns, delivering better leads that can then be managed by Reverse Focus’s CRM! More info at http://www.rminsight.net/retail or email: kirk.oconnor@rminsight.net

  2. It is interesting that Shannon provided strategies for higher sales, not a product to do it with. Kirk on the other hand used the post to market his product.

    It is not a question of what works but rather of throwing a product in our face. RMI may have the best product in the world but now it is a little tarnished at least in my eyes.

    • RMI may be promoting a product (reports) but it is extremely useful in knowing where to best spend your hard-earned marketing dollars. When I was originating I made use of their report for my region and was able to see increased success by marketing in ‘soft-spots’ that were underserved by my competitors. We seek to provide strategies while our vendors can help execute those strategies. Thank you for the feedback.

  3. very good thank you
    the market is so flooded with adds it has devalued the dollars for adds,,,
    now that we are underwriting these r.m.s it
    looks like we could have a lot better products,,, more money on the front end ……..

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