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Tips for a Productive Holiday Season


5 Tips for a Productive Holiday: Friday’s Food for Thought from Reverse Focus on Vimeo.

5 Tips to Avoid the Holidays Sales Slump

The holidays are upon us. Christmas parties, company get-togethers and other events fill our calendar. Pastries, rich foods, and irregular schedules are all part of the American ritual of celebrating the holiday season. As a result, our productivity can slow to the pace of thick eggnog being poured into our favorite reindeer glass.


Let me say I am all for enjoying the holiday season. What should be avoided however is squandering this once-a-year opportunity for greater professional growth. Here are a few tips for each of us to put into practice in the coming month.

1. Don’t buy the lie. As salespeople, we often convince ourselves that our prospects don’t want to hear from us during the holiday. Sure, that’s the case on Christmas eve, Christmas day, or New Years’ but not necessarily the case for the entire season. For many of your potential customers, the holidays are a stark reminder that their financial situation is not all they wish it was. During this time at least engage your prospects, send out a quote or schedule a time to meet during or shortly after the holiday season. Don’t let your sales pipeline collapse unnecessarily.

2. Put a bow on organization. Springtime is often when we clean out the garage and organize our homes. The winter holiday season is your opportunity to ‘wrap up’ your…

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  1. Shannon,

    Your advise is very good, especially that last one!

    1.Sending out Holliday Greetings always keeps .you in front of those great referral partners you have.

    2. Go to invites to Christmas parties, especially to relators, banks, attorneys and where ever seniors may be attending.

    I feel what Shannon advised is so true, we have tendencies to make excuses not to be active during the Holliday season. Be different, be pro-active, it will pay off for you in the end!

    John A. Smaldone

    • Thank you John. Glasses up to a happy and productive holiday!

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