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Message Sent Not Received?


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If you are married or are in a relationship you well know that the message sent isn’t always the one received. When the wires get crossed misscommunication can lead to unnecessary conflict, strained relationships and lost sales.

Each of us has an internal voice which we understand perfectly. We make a statement and we know precisely what it means, implies and the tone which we intended to deliver it. Unfortunately good communication requires both the sender and receiver to exercise care in delivering the message and how we interpret the implications. As salespeople both responsibilities rest solely on our shoulders.

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Initial engagement

Before you say word one about the reverse mortgage ask this open-ended question, “What made you inquire today about the reverse mortgage?” Stop and listen. The trick is not to pull the information from them but to let them push it out to you. Interject empathetic comments like “I see”, or “I understand” throughout to let them know you are engaged. Remember, they reached out to you so don’t miss this most important step.

Active listening (fact-finding)

Initial fact-finding doesn’t have to be a formal process of moving through a checklist. You will gather a wealth of facts by simply…


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