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Attitude is Everything


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Is the window through which you view the world muddy?

Several years ago I was wrestling to cope with life’s challenges. I was struggling to keep my attitude straight having just begun my career in the financial services industry. Seeking help I came across a book reverse mortgage newsthat changed my life, perspective and outlook. Little did I know I would need these tools a few short years later.

The book “Attitude is Everything” by Jeff Keller provided practical ways in which I could change the filter through which I viewed life; a good thing since I was and remain powerless to control my circumstances. Keller begins with this quote by William James, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind”.

As reverse mortgage professionals our attitude, or filter through which we view the world, is more important than ever before in the wake of numerous industry changes, regulator challenges and the financial assessment. How important is one’s attitude and it’s impact on those around them? Extremely. I have witnessed otherwise talented sales teams implode due to…


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  1. It is hard to maintain a good attitude about your industry when so many negative things have occurred in just the last few years. It was easy to be happy when we did not know about the HECM portion of the MMI Fund enduring huge losses (like fiscal year 2014 with over $7 billion) or that so many HECMs were in default, especially since both problems are so strongly connected to fixed rate Standards and other fixed rate HECMs that HUD refused to modify until it was too late.

    Many in the industry joined not to harm the MMI Fund or see their borrowers go into default but to help needs based seniors. Yet after March 31, 2013 and especially after September 29, 2013, that has become more dream than fact. For many that is like ongoing dentistry without pain killers.

    Our industry is in transition. Many may never be able to change their attitude; many will. The choice is very personal and centered on how we look at the future of the industry and how that fits into our outlook of what we want to be associated with.

  2. Good useful info. Similar to this message, I ran across a quote that I always remembered. “Attitudes are more important than facts. You can always change your attitude but you can never change the facts.”

  3. I agree that our attitude is everything! Even in challenging times our attitude can be changed to reflect positives.

    Having faced many, many challenges, way worse than this industries changes, I just remember what I have been through and that I made it through those rough times so I can make it through this situation as well, whatever that situation is I’m facing at the moment.

    I also believe an attitude of gratitude can make a difference. I’m grateful for challenges because they make me grow and give me the opportunity to learn.

    Good quote, Ray! I haven’t read the book you referenced, Shannon, will have to check it out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. The easiest attitude to change is our own and even though many books have been written about how a change in our own attitude will change that of others, try fighting the perception of seniors about reverse mortgages.

    As most of the books suggest, attitudes can only be changed one at a time. Yet as we have all seen, attitudes can be “reversed” on a dime or by the suggestion of a gardener, friend, siblings, children, minister, grocery clerk, hair stylist, dentist, etc.

    It is not marginal changes that are needed but changes which change lives.

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