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How to Write Emails that Get a Response


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Tips to Increase Email Effectiveness with Reverse Mortgage Prospects

reverse mortgage newsWhether you are working in a call center or you sit kneecap to kneecap at the kitchen table email has become an increasingly popular way to engage your prospects in the early stages of the sales process. The question is how do you get the recipient to take the next action step, say return your call?

Our source of leads for potential HECM borrowers varies widely yet some leads offer us another avenue to communicate quickly and efficiently: email. The wide adoption of CRMs or Customer Relationship Managers has given many loan originators the ability to engage the homeowner by email. In fact as the average age of a reverse mortgage borrower trends lower more prospects will have and use an email account.

Here are some tips to increase your effectiveness when communicating by email with your potential borrowers:

1. Engage early and first. If you are receiving internet leads which almost always have an email address for the prospect send them an immediately with an email introducing yourself letting them know…


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  1. Great info on email. Yet actual prospects who are closing, the results are very different than generally believed in the industry.

    It is interesting but the HECM production report is not showing that those obtaining endorsed HECMs are not decreasing in age but actually increasing.

    For the last five years there has been a growing myth that the youngest borrowers at origination have never been younger. Discounting non-borrowing spouse situations, we are seeing the age of the youngest borrower actually moving up, not down.

    If you go to the production report for July (the latest such report as of this moment) and look at the percentage in age ranges for year to date numbers for this fiscal year versus last, you note a definite increase. The same was true for all of fiscal year 2014 versus fiscal year 2013. Yet the opposite was true when comparing age brackets for fiscal year 2013 to fiscal year 2012.

    While this is counter the notion that as financial advisors have gained interest in the HECM program, we should see the age of the youngest borrower dropping, In the last 22 months that has not been the case.

  2. very good ,,, I could have used this 8 years ago and it has to still be good ,,,
    thank you cliff nmls #155950

  3. Is there a email drip company that has canned letters that can be sent to old leads?

    I know there is gold in these old leads.

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