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September Top 100 HECM Lenders

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Download your September 2015 Top 100 Retail HECM Lenders Report Here.

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This report was compiled from data courtesy of Reverse Market Insight.

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  1. The endorsement count for fiscal 2015 was a pleasant surprise at 58,043 but it is also the third worst such total in the last ten years.

    With 24% of the total endorsements for the fiscal year, AAG is first. With One Reverse in second followed closely by RMS/S1L in third; yet their combined total was less than that of AAG. In Fourth was Urban followed very closely by Liberty. The five had total endorsements of 32,676 composing 56.3% of the total endorsements for fiscal year 2015.

    Congratulations to the fiscal year 2015 Five Top Lenders!

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