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Reverse Focus Helps New Zealand’s Heartland Bank Excel in Reverse


U.S. Consulting Company Reverse Focus Helps New Zealand’s Heartland Bank Excel in the Reverse Mortgage Industry

Redding, Ca – In April of 2014 Heartland Bank acquired Seniors Money International Limited offering seniors in New Zealand and Australia Home Equity Release Loans, known stateside as reverse mortgages. Heartland Bank needed to increase production streamline sales and operational process so they turned to mortgage lending industry consultant, Reverse Focus, for help.

“The changes implemented by Reverse Focus have had a substantial positive impact on the way that we do business.  I appreciate the experience and insight they bring to the relationship and I’ve enjoyed working with their team,” said Chris Flood, HOB (Head of Banking) at Heartland Bank.  “Our Home Equity Release Loan business is growing, and we certainly have Reverse Focus to thank for that.”

Reverse Focus already had a strong track record both within the United States and internationally helping reverse mortgage lenders succeed, by offering tools such as their industry leading CRM, Sales Engine, along with training, technology, and consulting strategies, designed specifically for reverse mortgage professionals.

“The challenges Heartland Bank faced in New Zealand were the same challenges we witnessed here [in the United States] during the early days of the reverse mortgage lending industry. Lenders wanted to get into the market, but the unique nature of reverse mortgage lending presented challenges that called for creative solutions,” said Eric Hiatt, CEO of Reverse Focus.  “We’d previously built relationships with other banks in Canada, Ireland and Hong Kong, and knew we could help Heartland Bank.”

Reverse Focus’ team lead by industry veteran Rhiannon Behnke (Reverse Focus’ SVP in charge of consulting) visited branches in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch and met with Heartland’s leadership to analyze the bank’s existing reverse mortgage operations.  Once analysis was complete, the team recommended strategies to increase productivity, efficiencies and lead conversions; and helped implement new sales systems, operational workflows, reporting tools and benchmarks to establish performance metrics, both within the call center and within the bank’s operational infrastructure.

The process and initial conversion to the new system took under twelve months to complete.  Since implementation, Heartland Bank has seen a consistent month over month increase in their production.


About Reverse Focus:

Reverse Focus is a technology and consulting company, comprised of reverse mortgage veterans that help lenders achieve success.  With over 70 years of combined experience working in all aspects of the industry from marketing and origination to secondary and servicing, Reverse Focus’ team offers a one-stop source for industry knowledge, operational systems, marketing and sales strategies, and tools such as Sales Engine, their customer relationship manager (CRM) software designed specifically for reverse mortgage professionals.


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