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Be Like Water


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Be like water. This was the advice given by the late martial arts master Bruce Lee. Strange? Think again. Water flows around obstacles and rocks, finds its way through the smallest opportune cracks and eventually wears down the hardest substances. Bruce Lee explained his philosophy in that water conforms and becomes like the object around it or that contains it such as water adapts to the shape of the glass it is poured into.

reverse mortgage newsThe rapid pace of change in the reverse mortgage industry has left many professionals feeling like they are engaged in martial arts combat. What we can borrow from Bruce’s philosophy is the need for adaptation, improvisation and flexibility. Here’s one business example. Blockbuster video refused to move toward online video rentals and suffered the consequences with store closures and bankruptcy as Netflix gained traction.  Let’s look at some practical ways we can incorporate this philosophy into our daily business practices.

1. Embrace your present state. Look closely at successful businesspeople both in and outside our industry and you’ll find this one trait: they don’t…


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