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Procrastination Works!


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5 Keys to Successful Procrastination

reverse mortgage newsProcrastination. It is the one thing we are admonished to avoid at all costs in our professional and personal lives. Oddly a certain level of procrastination leads to increased productivity.

Quite frankly there are several things which we should procrastinate doing. Some productivity gurus refer to this as the tyranny of the urgent. In other words the task that drops right in front of you can tempt you to spin your wheels avoiding the important tasks of the day. .

Here are just a few ways for you to successfully procrastinate for greater productivity and personal satisfaction.

1- Social Media. While social media can be useful for making professional and personal connections it is also a major distraction. Rather than checking your Facebook status updates or LinkedIn feed every time your phone beeps schedule regular times each day to consume social media. Turning off audible notifications on…

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  1. Very good presentation Shannon. You are right on target, hope many have seen your presentation today.

    I find many people do procrastinate to make that call or calls if you are procrastinating. Also, don’t hesitate or procrastinate on asking pointed questions of your senior client when talking to them

    We must take control and ask pointed questions many times in order to help tour seniors.

    This was a good way to end a Friday, good tips to cogitate over on the weekend!

    John A. Smaldone

    • John,

      Procrastination is a tricky thing. In Shannon’s presentation I was not left with the impression that Shannon was focusing on nothing other than time wasters and things that cause paralysis in our work day. He also gave us some tips in how to improve our efficiency.

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