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The Art of Happiness


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7 Steps to Finding & Keeping Happiness

reverse mortgage newsHappiness. It can be elusive at times especially during times of upheaval and industry change. Being a person who can tend to overthink the why, happiness can become the casualty of our internal thought life. Our internal thought life is key as I was reminded this week reading the short booklet I keep on my desk entitled “As a Man Thinketh”. One passage that particularly jumped out was “Circumstances does not make the man; it reveals him to himself”.

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom I found from my recent reading that I want to share with you.

1- Negative thoughts are just thoughts. Don’t believe everything you hear, even that voice in your head. The next time a negative thought enters your mind stop, capture and challenge it. Is it real? Is it likely to happen? Also don’t judge yourself harshly for negative thought but rather hold yourself accountable for what you do with them.

2- Create boundaries. Technology is great but it can also become an electronic dog leash…

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  1. GONE FISHING ,,,,,

  2. Those who inspire are not necessarily those we would consider happy but they are generally real. I have met some who make everyone happy but leave a wave of sadness and grief in their wake.

    In the Declaration of Independence, one alleged inalienable right that is carved out is called the pursuit of happiness yet those who signed this document did so knowing that either they must hang together or they would most certainly hang separately. They welcomed misery in exchange for the hope of freedom.

    Some scientists have put together stats about laughter. A baby is said to laugh about 300 times a day while a senior rarely laughs. Laughter is a natural human response and expression that seems to be suffocated with age. Some laughter is shameful and some is very much needed. The other night my wife tells me that I laughed most of the night as I slept. It was odd how light I felt the next morning.

    People are complex. Some look for happiness but do not know that short term happiness can lead to long term misery. We see that all of the time in the stats on divorce. Look at the seniors who got their HECMs and then lost them through property charge defaults.

    While what a man thinks in his heart is not always revealed immediately, eventually we get the gist. LBJ is a fine example of this. On hand he initiated Medicare and voting rights for all while at the same time he cursed the American people in terms that are better never written and sent young men off to die in a war that accomplished little except to tear our nation apart.

    We cannot always prevent what we think or how we react but we can certainly choose what we dwell on.

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