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5 Reasons to Fire Yourself


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A Look at When We Should Stay or Go

reverse mortgage newsMost working professionals fear one thing: being fired. Typical reasons for being fired center on downsizing, restructuring, market changes, personal conflicts and more. However, when should one consider firing them self? That’s right, them self. Sound strange? Perhaps. Examine each of these five reasons and see if any or all apply to you. 1. You’ve lost the passion. The late Apple founder Steve Jobs said” The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. If you no longer have any passion left for your chosen career your quality of work will suffer. Our passion for our career is the wellspring of energy, ideas and enthusiasm and should be guarded closely…

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  1. As of today even the highest credential this industry offers is hardly worth talking about unless you want to be in NRMLA articles. It has far less meaning than telling someone you just received the EA license from the IRS which has tens of thousands of holders primarily concentrated in California (because of state licensing issues). Yet our CRMP has tens of holders. It is a joke to talk about the CRMP designation as ever having meaning outside of a few who want to believe themselves to be in a professional occupation or as a means to prove something to themselves or others.

    This industry will never be a professional occupation. The reason is that even though many of us hold state licenses earned through testing, many do not; there are no true standards that everyone must meet.

    This industry has no clear educational standards. For example, there is no requirement that a CRMP have an elementary school education.

    A CRMP is like being a journeyman carpenter, you attend some approved learning sessions, pass an exam, meet certain background requirements, prove you have performed the required work at a passing level, and pay all fees. So if you are looking for a career where you will ever be recognized as being in a professional occupation, consider firing yourself sooner rather than later and moving on.

    What is interesting is that the CRMP designation can be obtained and maintained by those who may never originate a single reverse mortgage or even be licensed or registered by the NMLS. The CRMP is something that needs to be improved and its requirements upgraded if the industry ever hopes to see it recognized as anything more than a union journeyman’s certificate.

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