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Flex Your Media Muscle


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4 Ways to Get Free Publicity!

reverse mortgage newsIf there is one thing we all want as reverse mortgage professionals it is the opportunity to get in front of more people. To make our name, brand and service known to those in our city and communities. How does one accomplish this? Well of course there is the traditional methods of direct mail, print advertisements, radio and television…all which require a substantial investment.

If I were to tell you you could possibly get far-reaching publicity for free would you be interested? I would imagine your answer is ‘yes’! Here are some tips that I have used to get a free write up in my local newspaper that may work for you.

1- Get to know the Business Editor. Look on your local paper’s website and locate the…

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  1. One must ask if the newspaper strategy would work as well in NYC or LA as in Redding, CA? That is not to say it will not work but the size of the community can dictate the strategy.

    Sometimes if the strategy will not work in larger publications, it may work well with smaller, even throwaway, newspapers in larger communities.

    • RMAdvisor,

      A good point. However we have had some of our members get published in larger cities as well. Best of luck!

  2. Shannon ,,,, do you have a release that we could try ??? good positive help

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