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Are You Likable?


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Why Likeability will be More Important Than Ever

reverse mortgage newsLikeability. It may seem irrelevant to some but I believe that it will become more essential for reverse mortgage professionals in the coming months. Ponder for a moment the personal probing you will have to conduct as part of the Financial Assessment. What do you earn? Have you been late on your property taxes? Is your credit good? You get the picture. Prior to ever asking such questions we must build rapport which brings us to the question. Are you a likeable person?

Look at these traits and grade yourself and see where each of us may improve.

1. A positive outlook. If the borrower senses negativity or fear from the originator they will be more inclined to be insecure and fearful. A positive attitude must be part of our mental makeup before we can be reassuring and imbue others with the same attitude.

2. Undivided attention. A likeable person has mastered how to give others their undivided attention making the person feel like they are the most important person in the world at that moment.

3- They listen. Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson said “There is a difference between truly listening and waiting for your turn to talk”…

Download the video transcript for this episode here.

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  1. Yesterday as I was listening to Jane Wells on CNBC discussing the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, she pointed out one characteristic she remembered from her prior interviews which was just how doggone likeable the guy was. Likeability is a tool which can bring about bad or good.

    Our goal should not be likeability or tearing out the throats out of our prospects but helping our clients understand how useful HECMs can be in reaching their retirement financial objectives. L

    Likeability can be an important tool for dealing with the hard details of financial assessment. Some may find likeability less useful than others but to some degree we all need it along with a minimum sense of humor.

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