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Skipping Vacation May Cost You


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Why Vacations Do Pay Off

reverse mortgage newsHow often have each of us said ‘I can’t afford to take one right now’ or ‘ I cannot afford the time? When many of us are scrambling to keep up with nonstop changes to the HECM program and challenges in reaching our market a vacation may seem to be a luxury we cannot afford. But is that true?

One study found that professionals who work only 40-46 weeks a year actually out produce those who work year round. Here are some points to consider.

1- Preparation requires efficiency. If you’ve taken a vacation recently you already know the weeks leading up to the big day are often your most productive? Why? You’ve set a hard deadline to get on that plane or in the car to leave Dodge and your time has suddenly become much more valuable. Scarcity equals value.

2- Re-Entry is brutal. That’s a phrase I often say when returning from vacation…

Download the video transcript for this episode here.

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  1. Thanks for confirming my reason to go on vacation Next week.
    Love the work you do to educate and keep us all on track,


    • Ahh…perfect timing! I’m sure you can identify as you prepare this week indeed.

  2. Shannon,

    Going from the 56th largest CPA firm in LA County to number nine in less than 12 years was an exciting but hard driving experience. As the partner in charge of taxes for a firm of 10 partners, the experience was at times brutal. It would have been great to have been exposed to a word about taking more time off in my mid 30s.

    Despite the best of motivations, burnout came too early and I retired from accounting earlier than I liked.

    We need to view work holistically to avoid burnout. Taking time off is crucial to peak performance.

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