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Retirement Funding Solutions Enters Reverse Mortgage Industry


Retirement Funding Solutions Enters Reverse Mortgage Industry

Former Executive from Security One Lending Looks to Grow

San Diego, Calif., January 13, 2015—Retirement Funding Solutions (RFS), a Division of Synergy One Lending, announced today that it has entered the reverse mortgage business and plans to expand its San Diego Fulfillment Center in the first quarter of 2015.  Its business will be built through three different distribution channels: Distributed Retail, Consumer Direct and Third Party Originations.

“Our sales force will be made up of some of the best professionals in the industry, all of whom are committed to the financial well-being of the senior homeowner,” said Torrey Larsen, President of Synergy One Lending.  “We will leverage the team’s collective knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible service and value proposition to our customers.”

reverse mortgage news, retirement funding solutionsUnlike other reverse mortgage lenders, Retirement Funding does not have legacy asset risk, which can negatively impact the financial stability required to grow a strong, stable enterprise.  Many existing GNMA Issuers are dealing with write downs from its servicing unit and better realize the risk and costs associated with their servicing practices.

“The headwinds of lower industry volume levels and the implementation of financial assessment make it an opportune time to establish a new way of creating business.  The recent program changes have improved long term sustainability of the HECM program, so we look forward to building in this industry again.  It is our belief that industry consolidation will continue in 2015, but a few strategically designed firms will expand market share in a meaningful way,” Larsen continued.

During Larsen’s tenure at Security One Lending, the firm grew from a 4 person start-up to the leading HECM Originator in the nation.  The success of Security One Lending stemmed from both the TEAM of people that built the Firm and the Core Values by which the Firm operated.  This confluence created a unique company culture that many large bureaucracies underestimate and/or ignore. 

RFS is looking to grow its San Diego-based Operations Staff and is looking for the very best talent in both its Originations Team and its Marketing Department. For more information about employment opportunities or to apply please visit

About RFS

Retirement Funding Solutions is an operating Division of Synergy One Lending and currently lends in 8 states with license applications pending in 12 additional states. The firm offers a diversified mix of reverse and forward products through a variety of distribution channels, including retail, consumer direct, and wholesale to support its lending efforts. Synergy One Lending is a FHA and VA Approved Lender and is based in San Diego, Calif.

For more information on Synergy One Lending, visit  For more information on Retirement Funding Solutions, visit at



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  1. This is a very interesting move at an interesting time. There are few owners who could enter the industry at this point and expect to succeed but Torrey is one of them.

  2. I know that this new venture will be a huge success! They have the talent to make a major impact in the Reverse Mortgage industry!

  3. have 4 and a half acres in sonoma wine country. listed for 1.8 m have an appraisal for 1.7 m Looking for a Reverse Mortgage or a lender that is creative need 800,000 to get out of debt. really don;t want to sell but if I must I will, do you have any solutions?

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