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November Top 100 HECM Lenders Report

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  1. Shannon, does anyone tabulate this “top 100 Lenders Report” to determine a weighted average percentage increase or decrease from month to month, year to year etc ?
    These negative production results YTD in this report don’t seem to agree with the Reverse Mortgage Insight report presented in Reverse Mortgage Daily today.

    • HECMVet, We actually get our data directly from RMI for the reports so I’m unsure as to why the volume increase/decrease figures differ from their analysis on RMD.

    • hecmvet,

      RMI is strong on its historical analysis. They are poor, very poor, when it comes to trend analysis and prognostication.

      Perhaps you can illustrate the problems you are referring to. It is hard for me to picture the problem you describe.

      Just remember RMI is marketing to and FOR lenders and thus they tend to find sliver lining rather than realistic perspectives. RMI cannot sell to lenders if their emphasis is on how bad things are and what direction things are really going.

  2. I look forward to their answer.

  3. Shannon,

    Can you tell me more about lead generation? Do any lenders offer leads to LO’s ? I am trying to break in to this market as I see all the benefits the RM offers to seniors.

    Thanks for your input.


    • Tom R,

      Yes, several lenders do sell leads, you need to contact them directly. Not all but many, especially those in excess due to above average lead generation efforts

  4. When are we going to start reporting on Top 100 Reverse Mortgage Originators– the loan officers, not the loan companies?

    • Demas, That would be an interesting and insightful report. Such a report would have to come from HUD’s endorsement data directly. I would recommend suggesting this to Reverse Market Insight (RMI) as they compile the report data for us each month. Not sure if it’s possible but worth a try.

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