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The Benefits of Failure


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5 Reasons Why Failure is not a Bad Thing

reverse mortgage newsThe Oxford dictionary defines failure as a lack of success or the omission of an expected result. Before you wince at the word itself perhaps we should reexamine just how we define failure. It’s not an indication of one’s worthiness, abilities or usefulness. It’s merely an interruption on our journey to success. Here are few reasons why failure may actually benefit us in the long run.

1.You get a mulligan. Golfers love mulligans and so should we. Failure is not a one and done event. It’s a processs. The good news is we will have the opportunity to correct our past mistakes in most cases when the same situation presents itself again.

2. Character development. If you’ve ever met a shallow individual you may have found they have either avoided or endured little adversity in their lives. Character is built on the crucible…

Download the video transcript for this episode here.

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  1. Shannon, I usually make a copy of your talk. Today I don’t see the usual place to click to print a copy.

    When you can find the time, please have someone email me a copy.


    • Owen,

      We added it a bit later. You will now find the transcript download link in the body text. Thanks again.

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