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Dial Down the Stress


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Not a Stress-Free Life but Stress Management

reverse mortgage newsStressed? Most of you, reverse mortgage professionals could answer ‘yes’! Many articles, blogs and speakers tell us how to live a quote ‘ stress-free life’. Personally I have never met a soul who lives their days stress-free. I call such a person a ‘unicorn’. They simply don’t exist. What is more realistic are some skills and habits we can develop to better manage and reduce our stress and its impact on our mental state and even our health. Here are few things I have used to manage stress and also am still working to be consistent with to manage stress. 1- Don’t own other people’s problems. I heard one person say ‘it’s better to work on someone else’s problems rather than having your own’. The only issue is each of us has our own pile of problems, issues and challenges. Sure you can lend a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on but don’t take responsibility for someone else’s issues. To do so only enables them to continue their destructive behaviors. 2- Avoid an impoverished mindset. Stress is often triggered when we feel we lack…

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  1. Hi Shannon, Great tips that all of us need to take to heart. Life is stressful, but we can CHOOSE how we react to life events. I liked your last tip about “watch your language”…. What we speak (and think) creates our reality. As usual, I will share this with my team. Thanks so much!!!

  2. One axiom I have learned over the years is:

    “You can never overcome emotion with Logic.”

    This is so true whether it is your own pressing issue or a client who is totally steamed. Few people can step back and dispassionately view any major personal problem. We can’t help getting caught up in the emotions of the moment. Until the client has been able to decompress by getting his say, he is unable to take in new information to alleviate the problem.
    The solution is to be patient and calm and listen to your client and then be prepared to help him.

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