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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Reverse Mortgage Professionals


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7 Keys to Maximize Your Success

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Effectiveness. It’s a crucial skill in the ever changing landscape of our industry and the increased time and energy required to succeed as an originator. Our title comes of course from business guru Steven Covey’s seminal publication “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” which remains a best selling nonfiction book since its publication in 1989. So where we go.

#1- Time Blocking. Effective and successful reverse mortgage originators have mastered the art of time-blocking. To time block you first begin with the most important recurring tasks and schedule them on your calendar. Outbound sales calls, servicing customers, networking meetings, connecting with outside professionals and more.

#2- Consistent prospecting. Ask any successful mortgage originator about prospecting and they will tell you they spend at least 30% of their time prospecting for new clients. This is key as you need to consistently refill your sales pipeline. Today hundreds of reverse professionals are using our…

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  1. Love your words of wisdom. Keep them coming.

  2. Shannon, all god stuff, but in REVERSE, add EDUCATION due to our industry’s CONSTANT CHANGE somewhere into the time mix. Block out time after work, before work or weekends, as educating oneself between 8 AM and 7 PM is counterproductive.

    Even go so far as to make a list of things NOT TO DO between 9-5 or if youa re a workaholic like me, 8-6 or 7 PM.

    • Mike,

      So true! We must construct constraints on ourselves first: when we will work, research, learn, etc. Thanks again for that valuable reminder…

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