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Complacency: The Art of Self-Sabotage


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Six Ways to Overcome Complacency

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Like a fog rolling in silently complacency can quietly invade our life. Before we know it we can find ourselves hindred by a false sense of contentment and satisfaction. The problem is we own our own careers and lives. Even as an employee not owning a company we must own our own career. I’ve often found complacency is a side effect of routine. I love routines, systems and a measured way of doing things so I must be especially on guard. Here are a few ways we can get ourselves back. First accept a healthy dose of dissatisfaction. It is truly a balancing act of contentment and gratitude versus being ‘settled’. Seeing the bigger opportunity often is a sure way to find a healthy dose of discontentment. Second, build relationships…

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  1. The first five points are great but not the last. To a limited degree it is healthy to believe in one’s self. I am not so certain how wise it is to believe in the industry.

    For example as to the industry, late last decade, HECMs were going to be overshadowed by proprietary products. In 2009, HECMs for Purchase would be ramping up quickly to 70,000 endorsements a year. In late 2010 we would see over 100,000 endorsements in fiscal 2011. Then we heard that Savers would be 50% of all HECM endorsements in the near future. Is there more? Sure but let us leave this subject with a little Jimmy Durante.

    Believing in the industry reminds me of Jimmy Durante’s wonderful ditty: “Fairy tales can true it can happen to you IF you are… For it’s hard, you will find to be narrow of mind… You can go to extremes with impossible schemes… You can laugh when your dreams come apart at the seams…. Now here is the best part you have a head start If you… “learn to laugh at industry forecasts. Just thinking back on Jimmy D. brings a smile.

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