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Hyper-Focus: Why It Works


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Is Hyper-Focus Truly Beneficial?

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To truly succeed we must be functioning at maximum capacity. Not in a stressful way but in such a manner that we develop skills and habits that leave us feeling accomplished and ready for the next day. One of the ironic things about ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder are both the inability to focus and then hyperfocus. I jokingly tell my wife that ADD is not a disorder but an ability. Seriously though the ability to focus intensely for short periods of time is key to maximizing your productivity and efficiency. Here are just a few take aways from hyper-focus which is often negatively associated with…

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  1. These are all tried and true principles of being productive.

    Tracking time in substantial detail will provide a great basis from which to gain an understanding about individual productivity. While professional service organizations must track employee time in order to bill for services rendered, few mortgage originators have had such experience. It is insufficient to just track working time versus break time.

    While some will track the time, few will do the analytics needed to gain insight into where they are strong in handling time and where substantial improvement can be obtained.

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